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Amalfi coast villa for rent: Furore

Villa Eleonora Furore rentals

From Euro570,00/Week

Located on the outskirts of the town of Furore, Villa Eleonora boasts an amazing view over the towns of Praiano and Conca dei Marini...

160 mq | Beds: 6+2 | Bathrooms: 2

Furore rentals

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A very particular place is the town of Furore, thanks to its unique urban structure. The town is completely bereft of squares and open places and is a maze of alleyways and flights of step which clings to the hillside.

The ancient name of Furore was ”Terra Furoris, because during the stormy nights the noise of the sea was (and is) very loud. This town has a strategic position: it was built on terraces carved into the rock face and develops on the beach and along the slopes of Lattari Mountains (the town can’t be seen from the main road of Amalfi Coast).

The first settlers were the Romans. Thanks to the geologic conformation, Furore has always been inaccessible for enemies. It was an hamlet of Amalfi, and the Saracens could not invade it. The town was divided into an internal part, where the village can be found, and a crevasse, which plummets into the sea known as the Fiord of Furore. Both parts of the village was been connected by a long flight of steps built in the period of the Maritime Republic, for transporting up and down goods that arriving by sea.

A very helpful resources for the town was the water of Schialtro stream that came from Lattari Mountains, very important for activities like paper factories and grinding mills factories.

For its particular urban structure and its landscapes, the village became a small centre of popular culture and was chosen as the set of famous films. Tourists, that are going to visit Furore, find a town that lives among the memories of the past and love for cinema: Federico Fellini, Roberto Rossellini and Anna Magnani made a movie here.

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